Matured 600 grs. beef ribeye
Matured 600 grs. beef ribeye
Weight per unit: 600 grs. 

Ribeye from the lower rack side.

Dry-aged for 30 days approx.

Individually vacuum-packed.

Fresh product.
Product Details

Meat quality is improved submitting it to periods of aging that go from 20 days to long periods from 60 until 120 days.

Ultraviolet light
Use of ultraviolet light to protect the meat from the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Himalayan salt
The Himalayan salt is very useful to control the absorption of humidity in the aging camera.

In the aging process is critical to control the stability of the temperature along the whole process.

A good ventilation and circulation of the air are keys so that humidity and smells do not affect to the quality of the product.